Let Our Work Do The Talking


We specialize in building the absolute best inground fiberglass swimming pools in all of the Aiken, Augusta, and CRA market. Take a look at some of our projects for ideas and inspiration for your own backyard oasis. From sleek and modern rectangular pools to free-form pools with unique features, we can help bring your dream pool to life.

Henderson Project

Discover the Henderson Project, where inground fiberglass swimming pools become an enchanting oasis. Featuring the Cancun pool with ocean blue crystal fiberglass and Ce’Zanne glass tile, this project embodies elegance. The addition of the Hermosa tanning ledge enhances its allure. With a beautiful house, long driveway, and extensive concrete finishes, the Henderson Project frames the oasis perfectly. Immerse yourself in captivating photos and video, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Experience the transformative power of the Henderson Project. Contact Peachtree Pools to turn your vision of a remarkable inground fiberglass swimming pool into reality. Elevate your outdoor living with a truly enchanting oasis.

Luther Project

Introducing the Luther Project, where artistry meets inground fiberglass swimming pools. With the captivating Laguna pool, featuring ocean blue crystal fiberglass and titanium glass tile, this project redefines outdoor elegance. Immerse yourself in the tranquil oasis showcased in the photos and video, highlighting meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Experience a personalized sanctuary, tailored to your vision and reflecting your unique style. Discover the endless possibilities of the Luther Project. Contact Peachtree Pools today and let us transform your backyard into a mesmerizing haven. Elevate your outdoor living experience with our distinctive inground fiberglass swimming pools.

Lops Project

Introducing the Lops Project, where our expertise shines through every detail. Our team handled concrete pouring and fence construction, ensuring a seamless result. The stunning Cancun model pool features sapphire blue fiberglass and Ce’Zanne glass tile. Located near the golf course, the customer enhanced their backyard oasis with an outdoor bar and charming pergola. Experience luxury and relaxation with the Lops Project, where meticulous craftsmanship meets idyllic beauty. Contact us today to transform your vision of the perfect inground fiberglass swimming pool into a reality.

Kelly Project

Welcome to the Kelly Project, featuring our Cancun model pool. The ocean blue crystal fiberglass and night life soul perimeter laid tile create a mesmerizing oasis. The photos and video showcase the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Kelly Project boasts elegant travertine tile and a stunning retaining wall. Our innovative installation process utilized a crane to transport the pool over the house, ensuring a seamless construction experience.

Lockamy Project

This project is a fantastic example of making a Peachtree pool a center piece of your backyard oasis. From the custom LED lights, to the backyard kitchen/sitting area, to the surrounding landscaping, the Lockamy Project never ceases to impress. This project was even featured on the cover of the Latham Blue Hawaiian brochure for 2019!

Castro Project

This project features a standard kidney shaped in-ground pool but the look is far from ordinary! The surrounding landscaping was a labor of love by the homeowner and really compliments the classic pool design. The Castro Project really shows how you can make your backyard oasis all your own. Located inside a larger development, this project shows we can install the pool of your dreams no matter where you are!

Newman Project

This project features an in-ground Peachtree pool with a freeform design and plenty of poolside seating. Attention to detail was absolutely impeccable by the homeowner down to the initial crest above the seating pavilion. The poolside corn hole boards and grill as well as the surrounding fence bring all of the details together to make this backyard oasis complete!

Golf Course Project

The Golf Course Project is a backyard oasis located in a private golf community. The backdrop of the golf course really sets off this Peachtree pool and is a joy to see especially in Augusta. Sit back at the outdoor kitchen and watch the carts roll by as you enjoy some much needed downtime; That is what a backyard oasis is all about!

Blaney Project

This project features a quaint in-ground pool with tanning ledge and matching spa. The deep blues of the pool finish and tile choices are set off by the surrounding greenery as well as the brick accents. The tanning ledge connects to the pool via a small waterfall that when lit with LED lights at night really makes the space a true paradise. The Blaney project truly is a statement in the potential of what your own backyard oasis can be!

Courtyard Project

With the Courtyard Project, all roads lead to the in-ground pool. Surrounded by the home on all sides, the swimming pool is the center piece of the home design. The handmade amish furniture, and the matching umbrellas provide shade and a cool place to relax while overlooking the in-ground swimming pool.